Melissa Friedman, MD, FACOG

Melissa Friedman MD, FACOG

Dr. Friedman-Levine graduated from The University of Florida with a major in Zoology in 1990. She continued on at The University of Florida, Gainesville to obtain her Medical degree in 1994. From there, she completed her four year residency program at New York Hospital, Cornell in 1998. She moved closer to her home town and family by joining Women’s Health Partners in 1998 and became board certified in 2000. She has enjoyed bringing a warm and caring disposition along with her medical knowledge to the women who seek her care.

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5 Stars

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5 Stars

I initially went to Dr. Friedman for a 2nd opinion, and was immediately at ease with her and her nurse. I have stayed on as a patient and honestly feel so comfortable with Dr. Friedman – she is calm, thorough, thoughtful, and just generally lovely. She’s very patient with my questions and I’m so thankful to have found her.
5 Stars

I was so impressed with Dr. Friedman’s level of expertise and truly her compassion and guidance as she held my hand during a trying time. She isn’t my regular doctor but stepped in to help.
5 Stars

I saw Dr Friedman today for the first time and I have to say I’m so happy I found her. I have never been treated so well . Dry Friedman took her time to explain many things to me . She is caring, patient, intelligent , knowledgeable and really down to earth !
Thank you Dr Friedman !!!!!
5 Stars

Dr. Friedman is wonderful! Caring, sweet and always calls herself to let me know results!!!

5 Stars

Dr. Friedman is an AMAZING human being. She is intelligent , knows what she is doing , is super kind and has one of the best bedside manners I have ever seen. I feel so confident under her care. She delivered my second baby and am now so happy to have her for my third pregnancy. She is so caring and very calming during procedures. I feel blessed to have found her. I can not recommend her enough I absolutely love her.

5 Stars

I feel blessed to have Dr Friedman as my doctor. She cares so much about her patients. I had a panic attack years ago just before delivering my son. She took the time to talk to me and distract me. I just had a procedure done this past week and right before I was put under she was holding me . Not to many doctors do that. Thank you for being the kind of doctor you are.
5 Stars

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Friendman (and Dr. Newman). She was not my doctor during my pregnancy but was on call for the delivery of my twins. She stayed with me for all FOUR hours of pushing and delivery (even though it was through shift change on a Friday night). They never gave up on me. Between her and Dr. Newman they were able to deliver my twins safely into the world with a vaginal birth. They are truly the most professional doctors in their field. I cannot thank them enough for their patience, professionalism and ease in a not so smooth delivery. We love them! Dr. Friedman is the BEST!
5 Stars

Dr Freidman takes her job very seriously; she helped detect that I had an open cervix very early stage of my pregnancy and helped me through this process. She was also able to answer all of my questions and assist trough the doubts I had. Above all I’m pregnant again with my third child and I’m coming to see this week. I’m very thankful to her for her knowledge and experience!shes is the best!
5 Stars

After TTC for so many yrs, I finally get pregnant in 2012 at age 41. Under Dr. Friedman’s care, I was able to make my high risk pregnancy with easy. My baby girl will be one next month and I still remember Dr. Friedman’s kind words on delivery day. She even called me at home the night before. I love her and Dr. Kaufman, thanks
5 Stars

Five years ago at my yearly check-up Dr. Friedman suggested to have my yearly mammogram a little earlier as she did not like the look of the nipple on my right breast. Even though the mammogram did not show any abnormality Dr. Friedman send me to get an ultra sound, which came back inconclusive as well. Going with her knowledge and gut feeling she insisted on a biophsy which revealed cancer cells directly under the nipple and very hard to detect. I had a mastectomy,then chemotherapy, and radiation. Everything went well and I have been cancer free for more than 4 years.
There is no doubt in my mind that Dr.Friedman saved my life!
Thank you Dr. Friedman for being such a caring human being and terrific doctor.
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