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How To Prepare For A Hysterectomy

The very first way you prepare for a hysterectomy is making the decision to move forward. You have completed your research and understand why it will be beneficial. You will get relief from heavy bleeding, pain, or some other medical condition, and you believe your life will change for the better. From the time you set the date for surgery, let’s look at how to prepare for a hysterectomy both mentally and physically.

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How To Alleviate First Trimester Nausea Symptoms

There is good news and bad news concerning morning sickness. If you are suffering with it right now, the good news is doctors believe it’s a sign that the placenta is growing normally. The bad news, according to the Cleveland Clinic, is that although 70% of pregnant women get it early in the first trimester, the cause is not totally known. Whatever is causing it, here are some tips for how to alleviate first trimester nausea symptoms.

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Why You Should Never Skip A Mammogram

One of the simplest and easiest ways for women to stay on top of their health is to have a mammogram starting at age 40 and each year thereafter. It takes just minutes, results are relatively quick, and it gives you a feeling of control over your life. There are multiple reasons why you should never skip a mammogram.

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Dr. Friedman Announces Her Retirement

To my patients,

I have not only enjoyed, but had the honor to care for you and your families over the last 23 years. With a lot of joy, and some sadness, I am writing to let you know of my intention to retire. MyMelissa Friedman MD, FACOG last day with Women’s Health Partners will be on December 31st, 2021.

During my time at Women’s Health Partners, I have grown as a physician and as a person thanks to knowing you as both a patient and as a person.

I have complete confidence in the practitioners at our office in providing ongoing, compassionate care with the level of expertise our office is known for.

It has been a great pleasure meeting and caring for you all. I sincerely appreciate your friendship and loyalty. I wish you continued good health and all the best in the coming years.

With much appreciation,

Melissa Friedman MD

An Announcement from Dr. Susan Beil

To my cherished patients,

It is with great excitement for the next phase of my life that I am writing to notify you that as of October 21, 2021 I will no longer be available for in office visits. I will be available for telemedicine consultation by appointment scheduled through women’s health partners until April 2022 at which time I will be retiring.

Dr. Susan Beil

It has been an honor to be your physician for so many years. I am confident that any of my fellow practitioners at women’s health partners will provide you with excellent and compassionate care and will always have your best interest at heart.

Thank you for the privilege of getting to know you.

with lots of love,

Susan Beil M.D.





COVID-19 Update: Mask and Visitor Policy

Unfortunately, due to the rising COVID-19 case numbers in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, we have had to update our policy regarding visitors attending office appointments.

Effective Monday, August 16th, we are no longer allowing support persons or children with patients in the office. This is a difficult decision to make as we understand the importance of having a support person present for medical appointments. However, this decision was made to help ensure the health and safety of all patients, providers, and staff in our practice.

  • Phone and video calls during appointments will continue to be accepted and encouraged while this restriction is in place.
  • Exceptions may be made for minors who are patients, disabled patients, and medical conditions which need assistance.
  • Please contact administration if you have any questions.

We also do need to remind you that all persons are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth at all times while in the office. This policy is in effect regardless of any state, local, or federal guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding while we take all precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and stay focused on providing high-quality healthcare to you and all of our of patients.

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