Surviving Hot Flashes

Woman of mature age with headacheMenopause does come with some benefits, including the freedom of not having to deal with menstruation once a month. However, it also causes negative symptoms; the most common of which being hot flashes. Hot flashes are a hormonal condition that causes women to feel overwhelming heat in their face, neck and chest. These simple remedies can help you find relief from hot flashes.

Tips on Surviving Hot Flashes

  1. Understand your hot flash triggers – Hot flashes can be triggered by many different things. Some of the common triggers include stress, spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine. Women who are going through menopause are advised to drink no more than one cup of coffee a day to reduce hot flashes. Instead of coffee, opt for an herbal tea which is actually known to help control estrogen levels and hot flashes.
  1. Watch your weight – While being overweight can cause overheating, being underweight can actually result in more intense, frequent hot flashes because of an imbalance in estrogen.
  1. Perform breathing exercises – Performing controlled, rhythmic breathing rotations twice a day can give you control over hot flashes. Breathing exercises also reduce anxiety, another trigger for hot flashes.
  1. Prepare a hot flash kit – Hot flashes can interfere with daily life for some women. Having a hot flash kit can help you stay on top of the situation. Some items to keep on hand include:
    1. An extra shirt
    2. A cold water bottle
    3. Travel-sized deodorant
    4. Extra face wipes
  1. Take an herbal supplement – Herbal supplements, such as black cohosh, maintain magnesium levels and bone density, both of which are factors when it comes to heat flashes.

Speak to your physician if you struggle with frequent hot flashes.

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